Would Ismael Feijoo, a 16 year old teen from Florida, be the next Elon Musk?

When it comes to new ways of making money, this 16 year old is all about it. Ismael Feijoo tells us his story and how he got himself involved in the entrepreneurial world.

Ismael Feijoo got involved in the entrepreneurial world at the age of 14. “When I was 14 and this whole pandemic thing happened, I got so bored that I began to research how to make money as a joke, and ended up liking it,” he explains.

When Ismael was searching for videos on YouTube about possible ways he could make more money, he came across a dropshipping ad that caught his attention. “Clicking on that ad was the best decision I could’ve ever made,” he says. Ismael ended up buying the dropshipping course from that ad and started his first store, which he named IsmaEP; a store that he claims to have tried to sell everything from his own merch to even fitness equipment. Ismael explains how his first store failed and lost him money, but he didn’t stop there, as he claims he was already too dived into it to stop and give up. Ismael began to join other dropshipping communities to learn more and ended up launching his first successful store, DoggieTagsCo, a smart dog collar store that was able to generate profit for him. Ismael noticed a big flaw in a lot of dropshipping stores and that flaw was in the design aspect of the stores. “I noticed most stores looked like a scam and that definitely hurt their revenue, that’s when I took action” he says.

After seeing that most stores were failing because of their design aspect, he launched a design agency named PixelSpot Co, which he quickly scaled. PixelSpot moved from designing dropshipping stores to designing established businesses and brands as well as expanding to other services.

He also explains how he opened a Crypto Mining company with his business partner. The company is called AngotHoldings, where he and his business partner help investors invest their money and make passive income with the help of Bitcoin Miners. Ismael says that he and his business partner are expecting to buy a house in the next few months which they will turn into a Bitcoin Mining facility.

Ismael opened up about his next moves and where he wants to be in the future. “I one day want to be the next Elon Musk,” he states. He says that Elon Musk is someone he looks up to and would one day want to be like. Ismael also said he is planning on opening a couch-flipping business with one of his best friends as one of the goals he has for this year is to help the people around him grow; this being said, he is also opening an organization in the future to help teens achieve their dreams. Ismael also talked about getting started flipping houses soon and opening a podcast with some of his close friends.