Latrell YT Starts Year Off With Hot New Single

After the success of his Single, ‘Latrell YT‘ gathered his talents to deliver yet another scorcher track titled “Never Had”
R&B Trapsoul Artist , ‘Latrell YT’ continues his adventure by crossing extensive waveforms of musicality. The new track demonstrates the amazing repertoire that this sonic character possesses, by introducing listeners to the sounds and vibes that are beautifully constructed to please the ear & to put fans in his shoes. The song welcomes a snaking production armed with rolling beats, lively vocal interjections, and vibrant rhymes. This combination of crisp rolling talent transports the song to new levels.
With a sultry deep tune and a rolling bassline with 808 bass, Latrell YT keeps listeners locked in for more music. He was also featured live on New York’s number 1 Hip-Hop and R&B Radio station “97.5 hiphop daily” which gave his song more popularity to be featured on “No Love & HipHop” SoundTrack.

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