Luna 13’s Lilith Bathory, Blackened Fashion

(Photo Karen Mooreside)

Her distinctive style is a unique combination of filth glamor (blood), Witchcraft and high-art eroticism, and always perfect down to the smallest accessories. She has worked with the amazing photographers –Mark Matcho, Karen Mooreside, Rico J Coria, Abraham Preciado, Jack Lue– and, combined with her clear vision of how she wants to look, the result is always 100% stunning and 100% Lilith Bathory.

(Photos by Mark Matcho)

Dominant or seductive, beauty (Hear My Call) or provocative horror-queen, this genuine black Metal vocalist creates her own clothing and parades around in the highest of high heels – a true fetish goddess.

(Photos by Karen Mooreside)

Lilith Bathory is vegan, a witch and spends her days performing live with Luna 13 and hanging

with her 3 cats, Ash, Maggie and Nefertiti.

You can find Lilith Bathory on Instagram: