Lewis Hensley AKA Louie Lee Impacts the Charts with “Cocaine Cowboys”

Music is an outburst of the soul. Music is what “Feelings” sound like. Music has the ability to convey that which cannot be expressed. Acclaimed independent recording artist/producer Lewis Hensley, AKA Louie Lee, creates musical murals with his songs. The Detroit, Michigan native has a mature soul with a contemporary attitude. Lewis Hensley approaches every note with fearless class. His voice is pure and authentic. He creates songs which capture the essence of the human spirit. Each and every lyric is carefully crafted to reflect personal experiences, lessons learned and hope for the future. 

The multi-talented Lewis Hensley can blend and fuse music genres like very few artists can. His energetic drive and outgoing personality enabled him to showcase his amazing stage presence at many different venues around the world as part of the Your Generation in Concert collective. Cool yet hot, and laid back yet outspoken, this multi-faceted entertainer is a force to be reckoned with.  Lewis Hensley’s musical influences include such legends as Garth Brooks. Phil Collins. The Rolling Stones, and Michael Jackson.

Mr. Hensley is currently making a big impact as his musical alter ego Louie Lee. Under the Louie Lee persona, the singer/songwriter blends Country, Alternative Pop, And Hip-Hop music into one dynamic sound.  “My late grandfather always told me that I should be a Country Music Star. So, around Christmas of 2020 I had the idea to create the genre called “Country Hop & Roll” raves Louie Lee. On his new single “Cocaine Cowboys” (feat. Jay Vinchi). Louie Lee combines Trap drums/Hip hop attitude with Country flavor and Pop sensibilities matched with Rock and Roll grit. The production leaves your head knocking and the chorus makes you want to sing along to the song. Additionally, Louie Lee made an impact with his last single entitled “Backwoods Surfin’.”

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