Meet the Little Kendall Jenner from Italy – Nancy Lanza

Confucius once said, “Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” The modeling industry is full of elegant and graceful models. Child models are among the most charming and adorable of them all. 

Child models play a vital role in promoting toys and kids’ items all over the world. They are often requested to pose and act to attract customers with their adorable look. 

Nancy Lanza is a 9-year-old model from Italy. She is an epitome of beauty. Many people believe that her appearance is similar to American model Kendall Jenner. Therefore, her fans call her the little Kendall Jenner from Italy. 

She is working with the model agency called Baby Fashion IT. This cute princess loves being on stage and has a personal Instagram page managed by her mom. Currently, her Instagram page has more than 38000 followers who love her talent and beauty. People who like and comment on her photos showcase that she has a lot of admirers all over the world. This talented little girl has a bright future, and one day, she will become one of the glamourous models in the world.

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