The Journey of Paula Krone, Atlanta’s Inspirational Singer/Songwriter

Paula Krone is a singer/songwriter who lives in the Greater Atlanta area. She is originally from New York where she performed in bands and as a soloist in clubs. She currently plays acoustic guitar and writes/sings inspirational music based on religious prayers combined with her own life experiences. As the proud mom of a young adult with developmental disabilities, Paula spends much of her time advocating for the inclusion of people with disabilities in everyday life.

You can sometimes find Paula leading the singing at religious services at The Temple in Atlanta, Georgia, where she got her first inspiration to write her own songs based on Hebrew prayer. She credits artists like the late, great Debbie Friedman, and the incredibly talented songwriter and musician, Craig Taubman, with carving out a path on which Paula and other Jewish singer/songwriters can now travel.

Paula’s newest album, “We Are One,” consists of songs written between 2016 and 2021. Up until 2022, Paula only performed these songs live as part of her set at local venues and events. In 2022, she reconnected with an old friend, Warren Schatz, a recording engineer and producer in New York City who had produced her math songs (including  “Flip,” which is about dividing with fractions) that she wrote when she worked as an eighth grade math teacher in Middletown, New York. The rest is history, as Warren not only agreed to record and produce Paula’s “We Are One” album, but he also arranged all of the recordings and played many of the instruments, including keyboard, on each song.  Warren also asked three of his professional musician friends to play on some of the songs.  With the addition of Al Gorgoni on guitar, Bob Rose on guitar, and Ben Lanzarone on piano, “We Are One” is a spectacular sounding album full of inspirational lyrics and a full sound that will make even the most discerning ear take note.

All of her life, it was Paula’s passion to listen to music and sing. Since her teen years when she began playing guitar, it has been her passion to play and sing. Paula’s closest friends know that she is a dedicated fan of Louis Tomlinson (former One Direction singer), who always tells his fans to follow their dreams. Paula listened, so she followed her dream.  The result is “We Are One,” a five song album which can be found on Spotify®, YouTube®, Apple® Music, and on most all other music streaming services.  Visit Paula’s website at or follow Paula Krone Music on Facebook®.