Elliot Skyfall Spills Heartbreak In Skyfall Trails Ep

Elliot dropped his first ep on all platforms in august and seemed to be talking a lot about a love interest. The tape is called skyfall trails which is the same as his record label. Could this all be tied to a girl? In sex he talks about emitions going through both him and the love interests head and hoping that she doesnt second guess herself. He also talks about how she is crazy and he doesn’t want to fake his life for her. In the first song Skyfall trails he talks about how she wants to see him dead and how the devil is consuming him. Then in the last song he talks about having her pretend that there was nothing between them when something was really going on. 

It seems Elliot is a very emotional person and loves to express it through his music. He definitely speaks out for other people that are like him and thats why his music is getting such traction. This tape was a 10/10 the instrumentals where on point, the lyrics and the productions were fantastic. I definitely would love to see more of this and more of Elliot skyfall.