Phillip Sanders: country music is here with “Over A Beer”

It’s been a few months since the release of “Over A Beer”, but this song stills go on and on because everytime you give a listen it has something new to offer.

Phillip Sanders is an American country music songwriter and singer. Since 2016 he’s been pursuing his dreams of becoming a country artist and nothing has stopped him ever since. “Over A Beer” was released august 2020 along with the music video (which has a very nice and interesting storytelling, just like the single itself). It’s obviously a country record, but what makes it more country is his deep voice: seems like he was born in Tennessee, with the accent and the habits from some little town or maybe Nashville.

The production is very smooth and clean, he really proves that you don’t need a fancy studio and big professionals to make a perfect record. “Over A Beer” has that classic country building and storytelling, but Phillip takes it to the next level starting from something so usual and normal like “taking a beer”. The guitar and the drums are the starting roles in the track, and they fit perfectly with the vibe, the aesthetic and his voice.

The sound is very true to himself as an artist. The song is cohesive with all of his catalogue but still brings new things that makes it stand out. 

Phillip Sander has a new song coming out in December, it’s called “If I Didn’t Love You Girl”. He’s a promising new country artist that has everything to make it to the top: amazing sound, a magnificent work on his voice and a great production.