OnlyGuyLeft Breaking World Record of Fortnite

Jake Filicicchia popularly known as OnlyGuyLeft broke a world record of Fortnite in the category of the longest winning streak in solos. The young gaming steamer gets his place in Guinness World Record. This news still gives me goosebumps, making it a dream becoming a reality.

My persistence, tenacity, and obstinacy paved a way for me to become an outstanding Fortnite player at a young age. I have always been passionate about Fortnite and loved the game dearly. It was never easy at all! During my initial gameplay days, I remember to lose every now and then. But I was sure to excel in the game and understand the algorithm perfectly.

I started game streaming with the handle called “OnlyGuyLeft” short for OGL. The logic behind this name was that I always wanted to be the last guy standing and surviving in each game. At the age of 22, I made Boston, Massachusetts proud of myself. I made up to Guinness World Record for longest winning streak in Fortnite while playing solo.

The Broken World Record

In 2021, I was determined to break the existing world record of 36 longest winning streak in solos. There are many Fortnite players but I knew I am exceptional in this. I broke the record by winning 94 consecutive games and beating the previous record easily.

Every game was live streamed so that the world could know my prominence in Fortnite. I started live streaming on November 18, 2021, with a mission to break the record. It was November 22, 2021, when I broke the previous record of 36 longest winning streak in solos in Fortnite.

Instead of relaxing, I continued playing with the same zeal and zest. Each win started adding to my winning streak and I won the next 58 games, seamlessly. It was December 2, 2021, when I got defeated.

Till that time, I already won 94 games without losing a single one in between. This made me the first streamer who played Fortnite and had the longest winning streak in solos of 94 games. I got included in the Guinness World Record in the category of “Longest Solo Winning Streak in Fortnite”. Since then, OGL has become a brand and name synonym to perfection in Fortnite.

Accolades and Honors

I have the “Longest Solo Winning Streak” entered in Guinness World Record with 94 consecutive wins. I played Fortnite Battle Royale (Epic, 2017) and became the first one to win 94 games without a hitch.

To date, I have more than 7,800 wins, nearly 114,000 eliminations, and kills. I am ranked at 32nd position in the for “World’s All Time Best Solo Player”. I positioned at 54th rank in “World’s All Time Winning Player”.

Being a full-time gaming streamer and enthusiast, OGL is regarded as the professional gamer of Fortnite. OnlyGuyLeft is also a ‘Gaming Partner’ at Facebook with more than 200,000 followers across all social media handles.

Get connected with me, the OGL gamer aka Jake Filicicchia at @onlyguyleft. I am available on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook with the same handle name.