Gucci Mane signs a new artist — Lazy2Real — to 1017 Records

The world-known professional rapper and record executive – Gucci mane – move on signing a new artist to his record label, 1017 Records.

This came up shortly after the recent activities of 1017 records on Instagram, which shows them hitting up the upcoming artist, Lazy2legit, Back to back!

Screenshots of – 1017 records – official account following and tagging the rapper lazy2legit on Instagram, and checking out his Instagram story, has since justified this recent development and had also painted a picture, of a future where the possibility of a new record deal for the Broward County rapper is certain.

Speaking of recent developments, it didn’t take long for 1017 records to make a pitch at lazy2real, offering him a contract.

In an exclusive interview with the rapper – lazy2real – he disclosed that he was contacted by Mario Cummings, the EVP and Head of A&R for 1017 Records, who handles all business proposals and inquiries for NEW 1017 Records. Acknowledging his potential as a rising star, the A&R of 1017 broke the record label’s intentions for him. Which is to offer him unsolicited marketing/distribution publishing deals, should he choose to accept their offer, as seen below in the screenshot.

In the interview, the rapper – lazy2real – stated that he can’t wait to get busy with 1017 Records. He stated that he has been looking up to Gucci Mane as a role model in the music business, a source of inspiration and motivation, to keep pushing and not settle for less. And with this recent development, he believes his dreams are gradually coming true.

The rapper – lazy2real – also spoke about how he plans to make a positive impact on 1017 Records with his supernatural ability of versatility.

“I am extremely versatile. My contributions will be massive; I am like 10 artists in 1.” He said.

lazy2real – The Journey,q_auto,w_720/62fba1a73e6911001e6566d3.jpg

Lazy2Real is an upcoming artist, that has been attracting a lot of attention for some time now, in the world of music. He is a rapper that hails from Deerfield Beach, Florida, and has since been on fire with over 150,00 views on YouTube bookings and 175,000 views on sound cloud. With greatness potential, this strongly explains the interest 1017 Records have in him.

Instagram: lazy2legit

Lazy2real started music in the 8th grade, and ever since, the journey has not been easy. ‘An interesting adventure, coupled with a lot of ups and downs yet never settling for less’ is a perfect definition of how his life since he chose music, has been.

For someone who understands life, lazy2real aims to sync the minds of everyone who listen to his music, by creating a feeling of ‘I know what you are going through’ in them whenever they listen, making it spiritually and mentally relatable through his lyrics. As a songwriter, he gets his inspiration from people around whom he interacts with daily, this way, understanding the pains of individuals, and being able to convert the same energy into songs makes synchronising-minds through music very easy for him, which is just one of the many talents he has.

Marckens Cesar aka lazy2real is brave and visionary, and his journey into greatness has only just begun with Gucci mane the music mogul signing him to the 1017 Records Label.

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