Austin McBroom-Bryce Hall fight drawing influencers to Miami in droves

Last week we reported on the cyber-currency fanatics taking to the streets of Miami for a massive crypto conference — and a raging club scene that went with it.

And now it’s the turn of the social media stars to run amok in the city.

We’re told people are already starting to arrive for a bizarre event that will see TikTok stars fist fighting with YouTubers.

Organizers are expecting a slew of influencers with more than a billion followers between them at the Hard Rock hotel for the Social Gloves: Battle of the Platforms boxing tournament on Saturday night.

They’re expecting guests including Trey Songz, Charli & Dixie ‘D’Amelio, Adin Ross, Julia Rose, Chelsea Briggs, Jeffree Star, Lil Yachty, Chase Hudson, Noah Beck and Jordyn Jones to see the main event, which will see TikToker Bryce Hall fight YouTube superstar Austin McBroom.

There are also planned performances by heavy-hitters DJ Khaled, Migos and Lil Baby.

“Never before have you seen a single event with the sheer numbers these influencers have; you’re looking at well over a billion followers between them,” said Rob Ellin, CEO of LiveXLive, which is promoting the event. “This is groundbreaking stuff, we’re setting records here while giving the fans a night of entertainment for the ages.”

The event’s available to watch on pay-per-view at the LiveXLive site.

The last “influencer fight” in Miami, with YouTuber Logan Paul fighting Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition bout, ended after eight three-minute rounds on Sunday. Paul was irked this week by the internet commentariat’s post-fight analysis, saying in his Instagram Stories, “Shut the f–k up, like just shut the f–k up, like stop trying to discredit what happened last night.”