Teri Sillo Guides Her Newly Born Daughter Towards a Life of Confidence on “No Need to Hide

Teri Sillo’s latest single “No Need to Hide” welcomes her newborn daughter to the world.

Written while she was 30 weeks pregnant, the song is sung from the perspective of a mother to a daughter, passing down the advice to be confident, be loving, and to become. 

She explains, “While I was 30 weeks pregnant, I had come in for a scan of the baby. She was so lively and bubbly in the womb there, rolling around and doing all sorts of things. We wanted to take some pictures, but we couldn’t yet. She wouldn’t show her face.”

“So then, I took a little walk and when I got back, I was able to see a perfect image of her and we took the picture. So that song is about this whole thing,” she says. 

“You know, when you love someone, you don’t have to hide it. You just show your face. Show them who you are. Tell them how much they mean to you. Because you know, time in this world is short. When we love people, we should tell them. We don’t ever need to be hiding it.”

These nurturing words come from Teri’s own experiences in life, having had to overcome difficulties and prove herself. Many of her songs are built from the lessons learned from struggle, passing down wisdom to help others prepare for their own struggles. 

Teri composes music with these messages as targets in her mind. Her ideal is to be both clear and precise while speaking and singing in a chilled, thoughtful, and inspirational way. 

By using her warm, deep, and ringing voice – similar in tone to artists such as Spellling, Lana Del Rey, or Ravyn Lenae – Teri Sillo guides listeners towards feelings of comfort, understanding, and strength. 

When she writes harmonies on piano, she lets the chords decide the direction of the song. When she writes the lyrics and melodies, she lets the words sink into the bars as the music demands. The way in which she crafts music is very responsive. She listens to the wants and needs of her songs, constantly polishing and refining their best qualities.

“I want listeners to know that I’m thorough, as to craft songs which carry a simple and strong message. At the same time, I make sure I’m technically strong, as to ensure that the vocal level is always on par with the song,” she says.

“I listen a lot, so much more than I write,” she continues. “I like to listen to other artists and hear what they’re saying. I like to hear what inspires them and how they deliver their music, melody, and composition. I look closely at their style and technicality to learn from them and inspire myself.”

The single “No Need to Hide” follows her 2019 EP Plus or Minus You, which honors the life of her late father. 

The EP is written in the genres of Afro-Fusion, Soul, and Pop, finding success in the African music market. Its single “Jejely” was featured on BBC Music Introducing on Radio Tees. Prior to writing the EP, Teri Sillo had written a novel dedicated to her father.

Now, in the upcoming months of 2022, Teri plans to release “It’s Boring Here on Earth”, another single which showcases her soulful voice and sharp mind. 

Throughout the next few years, Teri Sillo will be hard at work on writing albums, bringing together the many songs she had written over the past few years to share with the public.

With all this, she says: “Even though it’s hard as an independent artist, or even for any artist for that matter, never give up hope. Never give up the dream and never reduce the quality of your output. It’s so important to keep your authenticity as an artist. Be yourself. Don’t try to be anyone else – there’s no point. But yeah, with all this, continue to chase the dream.”

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