LilérrehendriX started making music about the time he started high school, creating instrumentals in his mother’s Philadelphia basement.

At that time, his musical influences were the alternative rock his dad listened to and the rock he listened to, mainly his favorites Fall Out Boy and The Glitch Mob, and EDM and pop.

But his recently released first album, the nine-track “’Lérre,” is hip hop and rap, as is the 19-track deluxe version.

“Music is a really emotional thing for me,” he said. “I can feel music, and it relates to how I am. Making music has always been an emotional thing for me.”

When LilérrehendriX (pronounced lil-AIR-hendrix) explains how that works itself out, the word he comes up with is “creative.”

“I’m a very creative person, and what I’m reaching for is for something that’s really put together well. With audacity.”

Musically, a lot is going on in “’Lérre.” There is synthesizer, and the beat, and the background melody, and many of the songs have several voice tracks put down by Lilérre, saying different things about what the singer is going through or thinking or feeling at the time.

He agrees with the suggestion that a good word to describe he musical method is “craftsmanship.”

“Definitely,” he said. “There’s a lot of hard work that goes into what I do. I don’t treat it lightly. I never play around. But I do have as much fun as I can.”

He has been producing, writing and creating music for almost seven years now. He got into hip hop through an old friend who was a fan. Lilérre began listening and gradually started to like that music. 

His turn to hip hop and rap began in about 2020. At that time, he deleted the previous work he had done under the name Piérre Hendrix, the singles and the five mixtapes, the work he had begun back in his mom’s basement as a high school freshman. He deleted the name Piérre Hendrix from the internet altogether. 

He started releasing songs in the summer of that year and on into spring 2021. Shortly after that he dropped out of college to begin work on “’Lérre.”

He told one interviewer, “My inspiration for music started after I saw the movie ‘Straight Outta Compton.’ Music was a way to get out.” 

He says he gets other inspiration from his personal all-time heroes, and from his love of music. Into that, he puts himself, “my own personal story, telling some of my personal stories.”

“’Lérre” was written in his home studio in 2021. He calls it an “introduction to me and who I am.” The 19-tracks of the deluxe version, he said, are more than an hour of music and could easily have been two or three hours. 

He describes it as hip hop for partying in the club, driving or “just chilling.”

Two of the tracks have special meaning for him. “2TONE” deals with themes of women’s empowerment, money struggles and drug addiction. “Casanova,” on the other hand, is “a party banger.”

In addition to “’Lérre” and “Lérre (Deluxe),” he has “Spice Heart/Ace Wicked Heart,” “Nights,” “Wicked Heart,” “LUV,” “Purpose,” “Had2” and “Windyroads/Me Up” available online.

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